“DreamSky - Raise up the dream of your Heroes, high in the Sky.” 

We pride ourselves on perpetuating a culture of passionate, intelligent individuals who strive to promote an environment of creativity, accountability, transparency and collaboration focused on the growth of mobile gaming. People are actively encouraged to be themselves, share their skills, help each other out and give back to the gaming community.




We provide publishing services to game developers, our mission is to connect with passionate game makers, so they can focus to get their game best they can, and we can make sure that their games hit global scale.


What we do, we do exceptionally well. And we have aligned ourselves with experts in other areas, including localisation, game translation, player feedback as well as customer support. To offer gamers a true “one-stop-shop” for all of their needs.


Structure. Process. Systems. Strategy. Creativity. Blogging. Effective Marketing requires it all. And we have it in spades. We have developed our own and frameworks that establish a strong foundation for our users. And they love our games.