No one truly knows how it begun. One say it was waste from the chemical plant that polluted the nearby river. Some blamed the recent mysterious viral outbreak in several cities. Others are sure that it was Gods'  punishment for the sins of our forefathers. But, one things is sure - End Times have finally come and the world, our world is on brink of destruction as hordes of deranged mutants roamed.

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At first, reports were few. Then, few became occasional. Occasional became several and several many. Finally, many became widespread while countries fell into disarray with the last remnants of organisation dissipating fast.

Panic took over order while remaining survivors scrambled in desperate attempts to save themselves from the terror. Stores were robbed, houses were pillaged and a can of food became prized more than gold. Survivors won’t be the richest but those stocked with weapons and provisions.

They had a sloppy gait as they approached slowly. Their jaws dislocated showing their torn tongues and blood stained teeth. 

They moaned as they smelt the blood in the air and ate those who fought pinned on the ground. 
Skin peeled away from their bones and organs, showing their black hearts. 

Although they did not beat, you could see that organs were torn, how their blood had turn in to a thick turbid brown and how their stomach slowly digested the flesh that was there own.

Zombie apocalypse has just begun.