Nevada Pegasus KillerWhale and Lexington

If you were wondering what those names mean in Title of this article post, 
and you come to conclusion that those names are people, you made a huge mistake.
They are very rear Tanks, could be obtained only when one self dedicate himself truly to archive something! So called brothers of "Doom's Day" considered unstoppable, invincible...   

“manufacturers that wanted to hide best weapons from reach of bad guys.
Ended up, hiding them from everyone”

Nevada, a master of Legend. 
It is told that this Tank was a leader of secret group of Tanks, manufacturers that wanted to hide best weapons from reach of bad guys.
Ended up, hiding them from everyone, till they come out to light again. 
Thunder Tank that is know to be a TANK of ALL, fail down in front of Nevada and his abilities. 

Having this one in your garage make it much more closer to achieving brutal force that will be unlocking rest of Secret legend Tanks. 

Double vertical shooter, known as Pegasus
comes unbeaten with 4450 HP and 1225 ATK.

This bad machine is one of a kind, so precise
so good, ones you feel power, it's not same anymore. 

Definitely a must have in you armory. 
Pegasus is not only higher damage dealer then Thunder Mortar, but also has additional 5% on HIT. 
It is pride to have this one.    

"Killer Whale" more known as GOD of SPG
is strongest single attack missile shooter in  world. 
With 2150 ATK power can easily  destroy  any other vehicle  with one shoot. 

Legend has it, that group of 150 were able to defeat entire worlds and conquer all. 

If it happens that you do have few of them, keep building an squad, you never know maybe you will prove legends to be true.  

And finally we are here The "Lexington"
consider to be an ultimate destroyer of all.
with basic ATK 600 witch is 30 more then Zeus. with HP of 4050 as basic and Weight of 25500 this machine is made for mass demolition.   

There are so few see in game so far that Lexington was thought to be a Legend of existence.
If you have any be kind to share with us how did you got them.