Meet the League of Stickmen

The warriors were worn and tired. It didn’t used to be this way. All of this fighting and bloodshed must eventually come to an end. Yet, war is all they have known for so long. The Samurai patiently sharpens his sword as he thinks back to how it used to be. Before the demons arrived and darkened the sun’s rays with pain in the villages, he was at peace… maybe even happy. Then they attacked everything the land held dear. He speaks softly to himself, “The Demon Dynasty has ravaged the land for centuries, but now, it is time for the League of Stickman to cleanse the land of its demons!” He gathers his strength and looks to his brethren for support.

The League of Stickman was once responsible for maintaining peace in their world, but when corruption set in, the demons began to slowly take over. As chaos covered the land, slowly all the heroes began to be wiped out one by one. Eventually, they all had to go into hiding to maintain their teachings. After some time, the demons were able to fully take over, and have left the world in complete ruin. It was time for their secret training to end. Where the villages thought they had run away in fear, they were preparing for this very day, when they would once again fight with power to destroy the Demon Dynasty and restore their world.

Who will stand against the Demon Dynasty? The Stickman will! The Stickman were assigned to different leagues. Each of the leagues had their own special abilities and traits. There were five leagues: Shadow, Honor, Mystic, Fist and Knight.  B.M. and Klown were of the Shadow League.  Athy and Samurai belonged to the Honor League. Bladey, Monkey and Sven made up the Mystic League. The Fist League brought Feist and Kalpa. Gus, Hunter and Raven completed the group of warriors in the Knight League.

This team of Elite warriors is the only hope for the towns and villages. They have begun their quest to remove the Demon Dynasty from the land. Though the odds are stacked against them, they have what matters most in battle, the heart of warriors. The Samurai stands tall and nods at his brothers, this League of Stickman, and they move forward to do what no one else can do… take on the Demon Dynasty.