Are you a Master of Design? Join our foundation at Dreamsky Entertainment.

Designers are a unique group of individuals. Their talents to be many and varied. When you look more definitevely as it relates to game designers, that group is even more unusual. They are able to create content in various forms and morph it into something better, something great. It is transformed into an experience that can be enjoyed by countless individuals from all walks of life. For a few brief moments or even hours, people are transported into creative worlds of the game maker.

Maybe that describes you. Are you the next Master of Design when it comes to games? Do you have what it takes to look at the ordinary and expand its boundaries into something greater? Are you the type of individual that never judges a book by it's cover, but is willing to look a little closer, dig a little deeper and pull out what no one else could ever see... until you have shown it to them.

Dreamsky Entertainment not only employs such individuals, we are looking for more that are like us in these ways. We are looking for those that are not afraid of the blank page. Individuals who are not afraid of sharing their ideas and passions, when it comes to creating content for video games and the stories and art that propel them.

You could be an artist, programmer, musician, author or manager. What defines you is not what you do, but how you go about doing it. That is what we are interested in. What makes unique and different, and what makes you stand out from the crowd.  Yes, we are a business and we are in the business of creating great games. If you don't fit the typical mold, but feel like what you have is not only invaluable to you, but could be valuable to those that you interact with, get in touch with us. If the sky could dream, what do you think it would be dreaming about. Let Dreamsky Entertainment hear from you. Tell us why you are patch of green in a sea of blue. We want to hear more about you, and why you should join our team.