Dreamsky: On the Boards

At Dreamsky Entertainment, we are constantly in the process of creating new content, new games and worlds that a diverse group of gamers can enjoy. We look at current gaming trends and figure out how we can expand, explore and enhance those trends. What we have noticed is a consistency for millions of players to enjoy browser-based games on their personal computers. As of late, the trend is to take those PC browser-based games, and turn them into mobile titles. What is intriguing about that, is that the games can cross over from one device to the next. You can start a game on your PC and then pick up where you left off on your phone or tablet.


Some browser based games like Forge of Empires, Travian Legends, O Game, Fallen London and King's Road continue to be popular among users. Fallen London is one that has recently transitioned from PC to iOS and Android devices. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find just about any genre of gameplay with browser-based games. The good news is that Dreamsky Entertainment is working on a project that we will tell you more about soon that fits into the world of these types of games.


What types of games are you looking for? Do you play any of the games we mentioned? Are there others that you are playing/ Let us know what you think. As soon as we can reveal more information about our secret project, we will. In the meantime, share your thoughts with us. We always like to hear what fascinates gamers most about the games that we make and other games that you play. It helps us stay on the cutting edge of the videogame entertainment that we provide to you.