iPhone 7 users drilling hole to make headphone jack

Stop - Do not do THIS!

iPhone 7’s adapter works just fine with wired headphones and drilling a hole in the smartphone won’t do any good; it’ll kill the iPhone 7 and void its warranty.

It's been reported that more then 50.000 people followed this video, to get their old ear-pod's old fashion way, in their phone...  

YouTube user “TechRax” placing the iPhone 7 into a vice and getting out his 3.5mm drill bit. He then takes the bit to the iPhone 7 and drills a hole into the device.


Worst of all, the headphones fit into the hole he drilled perfectly.

TechRax’s video posting doesn’t suggest it’s a joke—his profile and set of videos suggest he has a long history of jokingly fiddling with technology. His profile, for instanc

Warn your friends not to fail in this prank! 

From DreamSky Gaming, we advice you all, take care of your phones people!