Card tips-Physical for destroy armor

Recommend card :Physical Chan Diao,Physical T-Rex,Physical Satan,Physical Lucifer

Two weeks ago,We already present fire elemental and Speacially for this week we recommend physical card ,All of abilities  have own special skill , Don't worry about this we will slowly explain it. 

Screenshot_2016-09-09-11-50-00-373_Pixel Guardian.png

Monkey Lord:
Rarity: BLUE
Quantity: 1
Position: First











Screenshot_2016-09-09-11-49-50-185_Pixel Guardian.png

Quantity: 1-2
Position: First or Second











Screenshot_2016-09-09-11-50-10-669_Pixel Guardian.png

Quantity:Third Fourth
Position: First or Second















Screenshot_2016-09-09-11-50-06-497_Pixel Guardian.png


Quantity: 1-2
Position: Last first,the penultimate














Effective of this cards is the Monkey Lord destroy armor that decrease DEF value of enemy 100% then build physical of T-rex 700% strengthen damage enemy, if enemy very strong that move to backside of satan speedy upgrade attack,  enemy attack back ,  will attack enemy 1.5 times ,if its have 2 satans that 2 time speed up effectively for increse attack100%,
finally blood of enemy are insufficient,The fallen angel "Lucifer" skill is damage physical in advance, Normally attack as well physical attack.
This is third time of cards recommendation,after that it will be nature elemental,water elemental , Pls dont be worry ,if you have your good cards tip, you can share it on this post!

Screenshot_2016-09-09-11-49-35-995_Pixel Guardian.png