Never Meet

Never Meet - A puzzle game to test your mind.

If you are a fan of mazes and puzzle games, then DreamSky Entertainment has a puzzle game just for you. This game will test your ability to recognize your left from your right and up from down, as you control two characters simultaneously. Can you get them through the maze in enough time?  Will they ever have the opportunity to meet? All of those questions and more will be answered as you begin your quest through the maze.

In the game Never Meet, you have to ascend as quickly as possible through an ever-changing maze. You start off controlling two adorable looking characters. One character is white in color, while the other is dark. Through narrow passages, you will lead these two characters through a maze with simple controls. You control the characters by simply swiping left, right and up and down. While this seems simple enough in the beginning, you quickly realize that figuring out which character to control at the right time is imperative. Is it a tough game? Well, that depends on how smart you think you are. Don't worry, the game even tests our skills.

The maze has just enough light for you to make your way through the darkened areas. If you are lucky, you will stumble upon keys to unlock doors, vortexes to transport you to new parts of the maze, magic doors, flowers  and diamonds. It is never a dull moment through the maze, because it always offers something new. Controlling the characters will be the key to your success. Finding those items at just the right time so that you can switch between characters or teleport them to different places in the maze will test your critical-thinking skills and puzzle solving abilities.

The colors are vibrant in the game, with joyful, melodic and sometimes haunting music, the world of the maze will keep you engaged and challenged for quite some time. There are fifteen characters to unlock, and plenty of brain-scratching fun to be had while helping your characters get as far as they can.  No matter what you do while you play the game, the characters will Never Meet.