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Pixel Guardians Strategy Guide: Fire

In the last installment, I mentioned some super useful Fire cards. Today I’m going to you a Fire team! Let’s get started.

Fire Team Line-up

Fire means raw strength, so our top choices are clearly the violent ones!

Fire T-Rex as main damage output

During the first 10 seconds, there’s a 6% chance to deal 900% fire damage. Since it’s our main damage skill, if you can land two of those hits then you have basically won. The blue and purple skill “Invincible Maw” will raise the damage output further.

Rarity: We suggest upgrading to purple!

Quantity: 3-4

Position: Front, of course!

Fire Guanyu

 His “Green Dragon Crescent Blade” is a very powerful slashing attack.

Rarity: We suggest green or blue!

Quantity: 1 is enough

Position: Furthest Back


Fire Superman


Initially, he has great attribute bonuses. Later on, he gains a slashing attack that damages enemy for 60% of their HP! This is a must-have.

Rarity: We suggest blue or purple.

Quantity: 1-2

Position: Row 3 or 4


Fire Jeanne d’Arc


Initially she has armor reduction abilities that can increase our damage, and later on she will have abilities that provide strong attribute bonuses!

Rarity: Get her to purple!

Quantity: 1-2

Position: Row 2 or 3

Base on the above, we can see that a Fire team relies on high damage output and fast kills. We suggest prioritizing Fire T-Rex over the others, and you can send 3 or more into battle for a clear advantage – quick kills in arena and stages. You can lock the boss up with the 4th skill, and if you have trouble, then use the 2nd skill to dodge and you should be able to clear the stage.

Of course, it’s not perfect. So let’s talk about the disadvantages:

1.    It’s still difficult to collect Fire Dragonling (don’t miss the increased chance period

2.    You need a lot of critical strikes within 10 seconds, and that depends on your luck. If you don’t land any crits then you’ll probably lose

3.    You’re susceptible to crowd control such as slows and stuns

But anyway, it’s just a game. The fun part is that there is no best line-up, and it’s entirely up to you to find what works best for you. We hope you can create your own favorite team soon!

There are also some other Fire characters that we think are good, such as Pirate! Go give them a shot.

And feel free to contact us for questions or if you need help with your formation!

Tips for New Players

I feel that not a lot of people read the instructions in Formations. But if you don’t read it then you won’t be able to get the most out of your Formations! So let me break it down for you.

First: “The first hero in the formation will appear in the battle. But HP and Attack are determined by the sum of all heroes.”

So don’t think that you’ll have superior attack and HP just by putting a purple hero in the first slot!

Second: “Formation’s Power = Formation’s HP”

14800 power = 14800 HP

“Power * N% = damage dealt by basic attacks”

Basic attacks deal physical damage (so physical bonus will have an impact on basic attack damage)

Third: “There are 6 attributes”

Armor and Dodge are self-explanatory, so I’ll skip them.

The Four Bonuses: Fire, Water, Nature and Physical. These increase the corresponding attribute attack.

Fourth: Triggering System. Every hero has different skills at different rarity levels (not counting passive ones). The ones near the front will be triggered first! So the one with “during the first 10 seconds, there’s a 6% chance to deal 900% fire damage” should be near the front!

PS: So it doesn’t mean that purple cards are great by default. Rarity only affects basic attack and HP! You might miss the skills you really need if you have too many, so try to make good decisions when discarding skills during upgrades.

Now that you know more about the battle, you should think about the kind of Formation you want.

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According to the PVP content, it was undoubtedly the arena ~ We will tell you the introduction of the GrandPrix of Pixel Guardians

Pvp Shrine will available on 14 levels and the game will be refreshed every 2 hours.

Every two hours’ ordinary users can six times refresh the number of challenges, For the purchase VIP users will get 8 times refresh the number of challenges.


Six players who defeated will get 10,20,20,30,30,40 GrandPrix coin. The player who lose will not get GrandPrix coin and will deduct challenge times. The winner will get 150 GrandPrix coin.


GrandPrix coin can trade the Hero

So let’s quick upgrade for GrandPrix experience!


How to get a lot of dust, gold, diamonds? We will tell you how to get the rewards!

The game is providing 6 levels of reward, Player will get reward points by activate and reward levels are get harder than ordinary levels.

Reward are diamonds, gold and dust. There are 100 diamonds and 300 dust. Gold are depending on the upgrade level.

More information, please pay attention Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PixelGuardians/


Hero ability is very important for the game. We have introduced Hero ability

Look at this picture:

Hero skills are divided to active skills and passive skills.

Active trigger is active skills-based, such as Awu, water damage. Their will damage the enemy. Passive skills-based including dodge, and armor. To give itself a more powerful ability.

Each hero will take three of their own skills and one of supporting skills.

Three skills of Hero will upgrade to green, blue and purple color for activated their quality

Support skills are required activate to the purple by the player.

More information, please pay attention:



Basic attributes are determinate your basic fighting ability. Currently there are provides six basic attributes of Pixel Guardians, let get to know about these six basic attributes.

DOD+:To dodge enemy attacks

DEF+: Reduce enemy attack damage

Nature Up +: Increased Nature damage

Water Up +: Increased Water damage

Fire Up +: Increased Nature damage

Physics +:Increased Physics skills and attack damage.