Stefan Djokovic


Best game on Google play store 

We are so proud to tell you all that our game Lost Journey was not only nominated but also have won The Best game ever of 2016!

And Droid is here! Working with us in office everyday! To create next game that will rule above all other games in Play Store! 

We couldn't be more happier then seeing how much players are loving Puzzle Lost Journey.  As one of our designers described 

it's a honer to be part of DreamSky that is making future of gaming.

Stefan Djokovic Marketing Director at DreamSky

Stefan Djokovic Marketing Director at DreamSky

After a year of work on Lost Journey we finally can see that game has been recognised not only from players side, but Google as well. 
And this reward is just a proof of work that we have put in. Thanks to all players for support and engagement. 

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