How to : War of Tanks!

Heya to all commanders of War of Tank, I believe that many players know how to play,
but then, we get constantly ask here some basic questions.

How to play ? What to do now? Where are my upgrades? Defence, how do I do that?

Let's start with few simple steps, we are going to do series of posts, to make you understand game better!

1. The construction camp is primary building as such it will be determined what level you are at.
2. To build successful base, you need good economy having said that best practise is to focus on upgrading oil fields, farmland and other resources

3. Before you jump to mass Tank production and battlefield, you should upgrade skills of commander and technology in lab
4. Follow daily tasks and join some Legion that has goog leader who is ready to help you

5. Set best defence that you can, and cooperate with other teammates

This is high strategy game, smart and patience players always come over top!
Hope to see you in game.
Stay tuned!