War of Tank's Legion Leaders on demand

After long  endless battle's, it is time to unite all commanders to a Legions!
Legions are there you just need to find right one, that will define what you stand for!
If you do not find one that matches your needs, start your own Legion and gather your fellow Commanders, to fight for your vision and passion!


Stay tuned to this Blog Category for more informations of War of Tank's. 

We are looking for leaders of Legion to join a special program, and work with us to bring this game to the world top. Connect with us on Facebook page DreamSky Gaming, with your Legion ID, to be qualified your Legion need to have at least 10 commanders. 

Leaders of Legions can expect support to grow their group, War is coming and we need to
get ready!!! For Freedom and Victory !

Join us today,
and claim your VIP !
Limited time only!

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