PoliceX know as Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett was a highly decorated police officer from the Tenth Precinct and was in the first wave of officers dispatched to riot control duty. How could he forget that day when all has started?


 Reports were confusing since the beginning telling about large groups of people roaming the streets and attacking everyone on sight. But nothing could have prepared him for the carnage he witnessed when thousands of deranged people overrun his unit. With orders not to shoot unarmed civilians police never stood the chance. Robert could only watch hopelessly as his fallen colleagues rose and attacked others, unchanged.

Next thing he remembers was that he ran. He ran fast and he ran far in hopes that he will find his wife and two daughters unharmed. A fool’s hope if there was ever one.

That day alone defined what has become of Robert Bennett. Still armed with his baton and riot shield with large “X” painted over it – he shunned his old name and became known as Police X. He couldn’t save his family. He couldn’t save his family. He couldn’t save his friends from the police. But he vowed he would save the world and hell hath no fury like man with nothing to lose.

Champion Description:

Large health pool, good defense capability and vast array of skills aiming at controlling the screen or making short work of enemies make Police X a perfect choice for a newcomer to this game. Even though he clearly lacks damage output potential of some more damage dealing oriented champions, Police X can very well stand on his own.

Champion Skills:

Avenger’s Shield

Assault and Battery

Movable Object

Ultimate: Police Brutality