The Ice one

When she was found alive in the snow in the middle of the night entire village thought it was a miracle as no one thought it would be possible that even a grown person would survive such harsh conditions let alone a small child.

What they didn’t know that Elizabeth Williams, name her foster parents gave, is actually Ice, one of the few Elementals sent to Sticks’ world to help them in the time of their greatest need.

Considering that it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Ice was one of the first that heeded the desperate calls for help when apocalypse started. Along with her “brother” Arthur Kaufmann, Elemental of Flame, she is always where the greatest threat is decimating zombie horde with her innate powers of cold.

Sometimes hell is hot, but zombies will learn soon enough that with Elizabeth in question it can be cold as well.

Champion Description:

Elizabeth “Ice” Williams is what one would call a proper wizard. With impressive array of crowd control abilities and AoE spells she can decimate large swaths of opponents in a bat of an eye all the while staying relatively out of the harm’s way. All of that makes her a perfect choice for a player who wishes to brave the apocalypse alone as Ice can survive on her own without the need of tankier champions to guard her. Of course, if she is paired with one, Ice can dish out tremendous amounts of damage neglecting her CC.

Champion Skills:

Chilling Touch

Glamour of Ice

Girls Love Diamonds

Ultimate: Final Barrage

Kimberly Rose - Gun Rose

Since childhood Kimberly didn’t act as usual as a little girl would. She didn’t like to play with dolls. She didn’t want to wear pink and she regularly got into fist fights with boys of her age. 

Because of all of that her father started teaching her all the “boys’ things” - how to ride a horse, shoot a gun, survive in the wild and on her 18th birthday he gave her as a present two custom made Etrad .66 laser pistols.

Reports of zombies overrunning countries worldwide came as somewhat welcoming news to Kimberly Hernandez who sneaked out of the family ranch one night and went to prove herself and the world she can do what boys can do and more. Reckless behavior brought her to the center of the carnage where small bands of survivors lead by champions like Blade stood fast.

But don’t be deceived by Kimberly’s young age as she can draw guns as fast as legendary gunslingers of the old being able to shoot a fast moving target as far as 500 meters with astounding precision. That trait and beautiful appearance earned her nickname – Gun Rose.

Champion Description:

Kimberly “Gun Rose” Hernandez is a typical glass cannon champion. But what she lacks in health pool and armor she makes up for in speed and damage dealt as not many champions can dish out that much of pain upon the enemies in short time span. She is at her best when paired with tanky champion like Police X though with a bit of more careful play-style Gun Rose is viable in solo mode as well.

Champion Skills:


Bullet Time

Sound of the Big Guns

Ultimate: Pulse 9000

Profesor's Franken

Not much can be said about Franken save the fact that he is an android created by a famous professor John “Armstron” Mitchell. As an avid reader, professor Mitchell designed and named his android inspired by the name of the characters from his favorite book.


No matter that android project was failure simply because even an ingenious inventor like John couldn’t devise a method of producing small but strong enough power-source to sustain Franken. It was a sheer stroke of fate and what one would call a lucky accident that provided professor with the last thing he needed, thus Franken was born.

Intricate design, towering height paired with alien energy source lent by Flame hidden behind the name Arthur Kaufmann makes Franken a sight to behold. Even though Franken started as just an android it seems that Spark of Flame used to power him up has an unforeseen by-product as Franken started developing sentience.

Champion Description:

Because of a vast health pool and array of AOE damage abilities, Franken is an ultimate front line champions and excels in a role of a tank. Those things makes him a great first choice champion for new players. Two meters high and 200 kg heavy titanium and steel alloy doesn’t needs a weapon – he is a weapon. 

Champion Skills:

Power Throw

Titanium Hands

Charge of a Golem

Ultimate: Me Smash You Fly

John Mitchell the Armstron

At first sight, John Mitchell is what would one call a normal, usual professor. Deeply in love with books, wearing glasses and always with his face buried in the books dotted with endless lines of formulas. But in his spare time, professor Mitchell is also an ingenious inventor whose latest two inventions he is working on are incredible power-suit and android named Franken, homage to a character from a famous book.


No matter the level of ingenuity there was a matter of solving small but powerful enough source of power for those two inventions. Solution to the problem came after professor Mitchell witnessed laboratory accident and survival of another professor, Kaufmann. With his true origin revealed Kaufmann lent small portion of his life force known as Spark of Flame which allowed professor Mitchell to power up his inventions.

Since that day professor Mitchell was known as Armstron by the name of his power-suit, the same one that helped him become the famous zombie slayer in the dark days to come.

Champion Description:

Ultra-intelligent person in an ability enhancing suit he designed can only spell two things: fun and destruction and that’s what Armstron is all about. Set of damage heavy abilities coupled with an excellent screen cleaning move is surely going to earn Armstron a place among the legends. 

Champion Skills:

Elemental Forces Flame the Arthur Kaufmann

From time immemorial Elemental forces took interest in the world of Sticks. Among representatives sent to investigate Sticks’ habits and patterns of behavior was Flame who, for those purposes, took more appropriate name – Arthur Kaufmann. Under guise of chemistry professor of a renowned university, Flame blended in perfectly.

 Well, almost perfectly until a large mishap involving Arthur, chemicals, laboratory and explosions took place.

The only witness to a laboratory blowing up that would surely take life of a meagre Stick was professor Armstron. Forced to reveal his secret Flame instructed Armstron on his origins which prompted crafty professor to harness the newly acquired knowledge a power-suit and android known as Franken.

Soon after the accident news reports about zombie infestation around the world started pouring in and Flame mysteriously vanished from the university bound to use his Elemental skills in helping Sticks fend off imminent threat of destruction.

Champion Description:

Wielding fire, the strongest and the most dangerous of all elemental powers, Flame is surely a force to be reckoned with. Like with all destructive forces, Arthur “Flame” Kaufmann excels in offensive but still has some tricks up his sleeve if he is forced on the defense. Excellent choice for the beginner players and those who enjoy seeing their screens being cleared of enemies in the matter of seconds. 

Champion Skills:

Way of Salamander

Exorcism of Flame

Kitten’s Embrace

Ultimate: Floof of Murder

PoliceX know as Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett was a highly decorated police officer from the Tenth Precinct and was in the first wave of officers dispatched to riot control duty. How could he forget that day when all has started?


 Reports were confusing since the beginning telling about large groups of people roaming the streets and attacking everyone on sight. But nothing could have prepared him for the carnage he witnessed when thousands of deranged people overrun his unit. With orders not to shoot unarmed civilians police never stood the chance. Robert could only watch hopelessly as his fallen colleagues rose and attacked others, unchanged.

Next thing he remembers was that he ran. He ran fast and he ran far in hopes that he will find his wife and two daughters unharmed. A fool’s hope if there was ever one.

That day alone defined what has become of Robert Bennett. Still armed with his baton and riot shield with large “X” painted over it – he shunned his old name and became known as Police X. He couldn’t save his family. He couldn’t save his family. He couldn’t save his friends from the police. But he vowed he would save the world and hell hath no fury like man with nothing to lose.

Champion Description:

Large health pool, good defense capability and vast array of skills aiming at controlling the screen or making short work of enemies make Police X a perfect choice for a newcomer to this game. Even though he clearly lacks damage output potential of some more damage dealing oriented champions, Police X can very well stand on his own.

Champion Skills:

Avenger’s Shield

Assault and Battery

Movable Object

Ultimate: Police Brutality