Elemental Forces Flame the Arthur Kaufmann

From time immemorial Elemental forces took interest in the world of Sticks. Among representatives sent to investigate Sticks’ habits and patterns of behavior was Flame who, for those purposes, took more appropriate name – Arthur Kaufmann. Under guise of chemistry professor of a renowned university, Flame blended in perfectly.

 Well, almost perfectly until a large mishap involving Arthur, chemicals, laboratory and explosions took place.

The only witness to a laboratory blowing up that would surely take life of a meagre Stick was professor Armstron. Forced to reveal his secret Flame instructed Armstron on his origins which prompted crafty professor to harness the newly acquired knowledge a power-suit and android known as Franken.

Soon after the accident news reports about zombie infestation around the world started pouring in and Flame mysteriously vanished from the university bound to use his Elemental skills in helping Sticks fend off imminent threat of destruction.

Champion Description:

Wielding fire, the strongest and the most dangerous of all elemental powers, Flame is surely a force to be reckoned with. Like with all destructive forces, Arthur “Flame” Kaufmann excels in offensive but still has some tricks up his sleeve if he is forced on the defense. Excellent choice for the beginner players and those who enjoy seeing their screens being cleared of enemies in the matter of seconds. 

Champion Skills:

Way of Salamander

Exorcism of Flame

Kitten’s Embrace

Ultimate: Floof of Murder