Do you like cats? If you do, you should play My Cat: Grandma vs Vampire

Only in a world of fascinating video games could a battle between a cat, Grandma and a Vampire make sense. In one of the most enjoyable tapping games to date, you will play as Grandma, who desperately wants to rescue her cute little cat. She will do whatever it takes to battle the Vampire and his minions. In a flurry of tapping, upgrading your character, weapons and abilities, Grandma may soon prove to be victorious in this very important battle... My Cat: Grandma vs Vampire.

In a unique art style and setting, My Cat: Grandma vs Vampire will test your dexterity and your skills when it comes to fighting off waves of enemies in this seemingly straightforward game.  A vampire has stolen your precious cat, and you, as the protagonist Grandma, is none too pleased. So what are you going to do about it? You are going to get your cat back!

The Vampire has your cat in a tower. He keeps moving the cute and cuddly cat to keep you from retrieving her. What you must do is take down the tower level by level. Tapping/clicking games have become extremely popular over the last several months. My Cat: Grandma vs Vampire takes this genre and explores what fun can be had with the simple control mechanism of tapping.

As you tap away at the tower, wave of wave of enemies are released by the Vampire. As you swat away at the tower, coins are released, as well as power-ups. The coins allow Grandma to go back to her little misshapen house to upgrade her weapons and her abilities. These abilities will come in handy too, because Grandma will not defeat the Vampire without them.

While Grandma is fight off the minions and the Vampire she has little helpers that you will amass to help grab your coins. You can unlock up to five helpers like Little Red, Ice Cream and Uncle Ado. You have to make sure you feed them too, or they won't be able to help you. You feed them coins and that keeps them going. So, while there is the action/clicking of taking down the tower floor by floor, you also have to do a little bit of resource management in the game as well. There is quite a lot to do too.

Grandma has skills and equipment that can be upgraded over time as you also level up her character. She has equipment such as Cupid's Arrow, her Stargazer Hat, socks, and gloves. All of these items can be upgraded which help her attack speed, movement, attack power and health.  Special skills include a Dancing Blade and Puppy Shield, which helps protect your little friends gathering your coins.

My Cat: Grandma vs Vampire is a game that you will  enjoy because it is whimsical, challenging and fun to play. If you enjoy action games that require rapid tapping and a resource managment too, look no further than My Cat: Grandma vs Vampire.