League of Stickman Zombie comes to mobile devices

Everything that you loved about the original game League of Stickman has been made even better. The latest in the series of martial arts fighting games reveals new characters, weapons, enemies, power-ups and plenty of action. Think of League of Stickman maxed out to 100! This game will make you remember why you started playing League of Stickman in the first place... it is all about the action.

In League of Stickman: Zombie the Stickman fighters find themselves fighting a horde of evil enemies because their land has been contaminated with a deadly virus that has turned people in the land into zombies. As if that weren't troubling enough, you find some of them have been given supernatural powers, due to the genetic mutations.

In a whirlwind game full of beautifully rendered backdrops that burst with color and light during amazing action sequences that you fully control. Stickman heroes available to play in the game include Police X, Blade, Gun Rose, and Flame. There are additional characters that are also slated to come to the game in additional downloadable content.

The game is broken up into the single-player campaign and boss battles, which will be added at a later date. If you have enjoyed the previous League of Stickman, there is no question about League of Stickman: Zombie. It is the premier fighting game available on mobile devices. If you enjoy action, multiple characters, upgrades, power-ups and enough enemies to challenge your fighting prowess, then League of Stickman: Zombie is the game you want on your mobile device.