Samurai - Ikko Ue’sabi

Ikko Ue’sabi, the name known to everyone in the Nobuhira Empire. The name of the youngest and fiercest samurai warrior living on the easternmost islands. Legends say his katana’s cuts are so fast they summon the winds. Legends say because none of Ue’sabi’s enemies lived to tell the tale. All of his life was training. All of his life was preparation for the battlefield and Ue’sabi was the swift sword which put down rebellions, imposed the law and his lord’s will.

He never questioned his lord and when summoned to travel to the unknown lands of the west Ue’sabi just nodded. His life is servitude. His codex is one of honor. His will is indomitable. He will serve his lord and die for him with a smile. He is the Samurai.


If lightning fast hits and flashy moves are what you prefer, then Samurai is the obvious choice. Being able to dispatch single and clustered enemies in matter of seconds with limited ability to disable the stronger ones, Samurai can be used for solo clearing or as an additional damage dealer paired with tanker champions.

Champion Skills:

Using this skill makes Samurai strike fast and rapid clicking will summon a gust of wind which will deal damage in addition knocking up all it encounters.

Samurai does multitude of sweeping strikes damaging enemies in front of him as well as those close behind.

Quick dash allowing Samurai to reach opponents near the end of the screen. Can be also used for quick getaway in situations where you are hopelessly surrounded.

Ultimate ability with slightly longer cool down than standard (35 s) that makes Samurai invulnerable for the duration all the while doing tremendous damage which will decimate even the strongest opponents.