The Ice one

When she was found alive in the snow in the middle of the night entire village thought it was a miracle as no one thought it would be possible that even a grown person would survive such harsh conditions let alone a small child.

What they didn’t know that Elizabeth Williams, name her foster parents gave, is actually Ice, one of the few Elementals sent to Sticks’ world to help them in the time of their greatest need.

Considering that it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Ice was one of the first that heeded the desperate calls for help when apocalypse started. Along with her “brother” Arthur Kaufmann, Elemental of Flame, she is always where the greatest threat is decimating zombie horde with her innate powers of cold.

Sometimes hell is hot, but zombies will learn soon enough that with Elizabeth in question it can be cold as well.

Champion Description:

Elizabeth “Ice” Williams is what one would call a proper wizard. With impressive array of crowd control abilities and AoE spells she can decimate large swaths of opponents in a bat of an eye all the while staying relatively out of the harm’s way. All of that makes her a perfect choice for a player who wishes to brave the apocalypse alone as Ice can survive on her own without the need of tankier champions to guard her. Of course, if she is paired with one, Ice can dish out tremendous amounts of damage neglecting her CC.

Champion Skills:

Chilling Touch

Glamour of Ice

Girls Love Diamonds

Ultimate: Final Barrage

John Mitchell the Armstron

At first sight, John Mitchell is what would one call a normal, usual professor. Deeply in love with books, wearing glasses and always with his face buried in the books dotted with endless lines of formulas. But in his spare time, professor Mitchell is also an ingenious inventor whose latest two inventions he is working on are incredible power-suit and android named Franken, homage to a character from a famous book.


No matter the level of ingenuity there was a matter of solving small but powerful enough source of power for those two inventions. Solution to the problem came after professor Mitchell witnessed laboratory accident and survival of another professor, Kaufmann. With his true origin revealed Kaufmann lent small portion of his life force known as Spark of Flame which allowed professor Mitchell to power up his inventions.

Since that day professor Mitchell was known as Armstron by the name of his power-suit, the same one that helped him become the famous zombie slayer in the dark days to come.

Champion Description:

Ultra-intelligent person in an ability enhancing suit he designed can only spell two things: fun and destruction and that’s what Armstron is all about. Set of damage heavy abilities coupled with an excellent screen cleaning move is surely going to earn Armstron a place among the legends. 

Champion Skills:

Blade of Terry Sung

Normal people run from chaos and destruction but Terry Sung never considered himself normal. That is why he hurried into the epicenter of zombie infestation. Bringing his trusty sword with him, Lightning, his involvement offered temporarily respite to the defenders, one thing they needed desperately.

Hailing from the far east, his skills with katana swords are unparalleled so it’s not too much of a surprise that everyone knows him by his nickname – Blade. Watching Blade wield his katana is mesmerising experience and it doesn’t come as a surprise that those who have seen him in combat named his style “Dance with the Death”.

Young, agile, proud and deadly – Blade is one of the few champions that stand between world and total destruction.

Champion Description:

Terry “Blade” Sung is top pick for any player enjoying fast melee combat. With an arsenal of skills and combo abilities, Blade is not an easy champion to master. Luckily, enormous damage he is capable of dealing offers player a chance to amend any mistakes he may commit. Fully able to solo, Blade excels when paired with “meatier” champions like Police X.

Champion Skills:

Silent Approach

Touch of Silk

Soldier’s Anger

Ultimate: Thousand Blades, Thousand Cuts

Samurai - Ikko Ue’sabi

Ikko Ue’sabi, the name known to everyone in the Nobuhira Empire. The name of the youngest and fiercest samurai warrior living on the easternmost islands. Legends say his katana’s cuts are so fast they summon the winds. Legends say because none of Ue’sabi’s enemies lived to tell the tale. All of his life was training. All of his life was preparation for the battlefield and Ue’sabi was the swift sword which put down rebellions, imposed the law and his lord’s will.

He never questioned his lord and when summoned to travel to the unknown lands of the west Ue’sabi just nodded. His life is servitude. His codex is one of honor. His will is indomitable. He will serve his lord and die for him with a smile. He is the Samurai.


If lightning fast hits and flashy moves are what you prefer, then Samurai is the obvious choice. Being able to dispatch single and clustered enemies in matter of seconds with limited ability to disable the stronger ones, Samurai can be used for solo clearing or as an additional damage dealer paired with tanker champions.

Champion Skills:

Using this skill makes Samurai strike fast and rapid clicking will summon a gust of wind which will deal damage in addition knocking up all it encounters.

Samurai does multitude of sweeping strikes damaging enemies in front of him as well as those close behind.

Quick dash allowing Samurai to reach opponents near the end of the screen. Can be also used for quick getaway in situations where you are hopelessly surrounded.

Ultimate ability with slightly longer cool down than standard (35 s) that makes Samurai invulnerable for the duration all the while doing tremendous damage which will decimate even the strongest opponents.


Prince - Once a noble

He desired power delving deeply into the forbidden knowledge, corrupted by ancient book of magic, Deathsong said by some to have sentience of its own. With great power comes the great price to pay and the one he paid was truly dire. Once a noble figure and an aspiring knight of light his heart was slowly but surely twisted and his soul plunged into the darkness.

Never satisfied and lustful for even more power, Prince, as that was the only thing left of his former name, is cursed to spend eternity seeking the way to state his insatiable thirst. This very craving lead him to the West because great artifacts of evil are most likely in possession of great evils. Not every champion is a champion of light.


Prince is well rounded champion most suitable for tasks of soaking up the damage and disabling enemies. His skill composition includes a vast array of strikes and maneuvers that make Prince a tough champion to kill. Use this to your advantage.

Champion skills:

Prince drops his banner followed by quick dash to it knocking up everything in his path.

Using this skill makes Prince stomp the ground encasing himself in a shield that gives him temporary hit points while doing damage to the closest enemies.

Extensive studies of dark magic’s allow Prince to summon his shadow double who will then spin through enemies dealing medium amounts of damage.

Ultimate AOE sweeper ability with 30 s cool down timer that works extraordinary well against larger packs of enemies.

Hunter - The Mystery

Much of Hunter’s early life remains a mystery save the fact that after her parents abandoned her on birth she served as servant on local Duke’s court. After Duke witnessed her natural talent with crossbow she became regular part of his hunting parties. Probably the highest step on the social ladder one of her kind could hope but all has changed the moment she saved her Duke by shooting a raging boar with three bolts before his entourage managed react. Grateful and impressed he enlisted her as his bodyguard. Destiny had other plans in mind for a pale looking girl with deep blue eyes.

Years later she is all that is left of a small scouting party Duke has sent to investigate the rumours of dark portals doting western regions. Undaunted, once a lowly court squire and now a legendary crossbowman, Hunter ranges the area and mercy on their souls because she will have none.


Player will find that play style with Hunter is similar to Athys, albeit the lack of screen-wide abilities. This disadvantage is surpassed by Hunter's skill to quickly disengage from combat always keeping somewhat safe distance from the enemy. No matter, like any other ranged champion she works best with tank melee heroes and one would be smart to enlist the help of Gus or alike.

Champion skills:

Hunter jumps into the air shooting the volley of bolts into enemies damaging everyone hit.

Quick dash in direction Hunter is facing. Note: this ability does very low damage and should be used mostly for escaping melee.

Shotgun-like skill that will decimate everything up to half screen-wide distance.

Hunter’s ultimate ability is best described like “rapid fire mode engaged”. Useful in clearing large groups of opponents or doing hefty amounts of damage to bosses.