Zilong - Summoned into the war

Zilong was summoned into the war against hellspawn by Suneryon, magic pendant of immense power. Magic pendant was thousands of years old legacy and Antharra's most prized artifact. Governing body of the small merchant republic, famous Golden League invoked pendant's magical properties after confirming suspicions about invasion from the Shadowlands.

No one truly knows who Zilong is. Some say he was once a great warrior whose essence has been captured into the pendant. Others that he is an avatar of long forgotten god of war. Whoever he may be one thing is certain, his skill with spear is unparalleled.


Despite having only limited health pool and armor one would make a terrible mistake confusing Zilong for a glass canon champion. Reason for that are skills Zilong possesses which are mostly oriented for controlling large packs of enemies. Want to play a melee champion with good reach? Then try Zilong, the master of spear!

Champion skills:

Zilong does three consecutive blows with his spear where third strike knocks opponents in the air.

AOE crowd control ability making Zilong to first knock enemies in the air and then slam them back to the ground. Those who live through the first hit that is.

Fast piercing strike – perfect for reaching opponents while damaging everyone Zilong passes through as well as for going out of harm's way.

Ultimate ability for ultimate clearing of the screen.